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November 7, 2010 by Black Gaslight
I just LOVE old Gothic novels.  I love the idea of BEING not here in the 21st Century, where we take technology for granted, but instead living in the 19th Century, where men were men and women were - well women, or so we are led to believe.  If you are a fan of ancient literature as I am, you will see that people were really just the same as we are now.  They lived, loved, worked, laughed and cried and thought that their world was terribly modern.  Just as people will laugh ...
August 4, 2009 by Black Gaslight
The Black Gaslight burns forever with the Black Flame of Truth. Quietly and calmly and some would say unpretentiously, the Black Flame is always there for you. The Black Flame, is the dark light, possibly dusk and twilight and even foggy daylight. The Dark Light is reflected by the moon, but could still so easily be the black sun; the light of the darkness equally representing the darkness of the light.

The constellation of Draco, The Dragon, consists of bright stars, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter...
February 27, 2009 by Black Gaslight
May the Black Flame of Truth forever hold court. 

There are those who would dispute the Black Flame.  There are those who would defame the Black Flame.  Let this never be so.  Let the Black Flame of comfort always burn.
August 1, 2008 by Black Gaslight
There is a duelism between neighbours, that is reminiscent of a sort of feud.  Duelism does nothing to promote The Cause, because the Cause goes on, with or without the friction of the battle caused by duelism wanting to win.

This duel in itself merely imbalances nature in real time and does nothing for the Dark Light ideals.


For the Dark Light to be promoted in a proper manner, the duelist aspect needs to be removed and given a more broad spectrum, so that the friction caus...
May 15, 2007 by Black Gaslight
There are some people who's behaviour has gone beyond the bounds of being morally decent. You can curse (if you want to waste precious etheric fluid) a useless yob (moron) on a bus or train.
But some folks who do horrible things to you and that you actually had real feelings for are different. They hurt you. But they don't destroy you. Or do they? What do you do if you feel they have harmed you? a) take a confidence builder course ignore it c) say we'll meet again- aka Vera Lynn (and not...
April 17, 2007 by Black Gaslight
In Bradford in an attic was the Horus Number 5 Temple of The Golden Dawn. In 1983 this temple was uncovered by the then occupiers of the shop beneath. They were going to turn it the space in to a disco but ran out of money. The original owner of the shop went bankrupt. Strange noises of bells were heard by staff.
Temples were closed if they became tainted. People did not have temples in the living rooms of their houses with markings on the walls for all to see.
When I sold an advert for ...
March 28, 2007 by Black Gaslight
Whenever I look up articles on this lady I can literally smell the blood. I understand why Erzsebet needed to feel she looked young.
I understand her feelings. She didn't want to be thrown over. She was virbrant with a virbrant spirit and wanted to remain that way.
She was probabably a better 'Bet' than a million young women. She could probably have offered more and given much more.
We are told she turned psycho and vampiric. But maybe the pressures on her were too great. She had a righ...
March 23, 2007 by Black Gaslight
I've got this picture. Its in a huge tome I have called 'The Science Book' edited by Peter Tallack. In it Ivan Petrovich Pavlov who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1904 had a lot of poor dogs harnessed up with leather belts restraining their bellies (get the animal rights people in but watch out for the new acts of Parliament not allowing peaceful protest). Pavlov did some really obvious and cruel experiments with dogs regarding bells and food. Come on - we know when we...
March 19, 2007 by Black Gaslight
My Ma used to tell me there was always the Third Option. It comes in to play in a situation where a person feels they are up against a blank wall and have no escape from 'What will be will be' (Very Doris Day). In fact ,the Song Doris Day sang about 'Just what makes that little old ant think he'll move a rubber tree plant, anyone knows an Ant can't -move a rubber tree plant. But he has High hopes etc' I think its on Doris Day's Greatest Hits or something. Basically the song explains the Thir...
March 17, 2007 by Black Gaslight
There was a song my father used to play on an old 78 rpm record player - our old radiogram! called 'The Old Lamp Lighter'. It was a fascinating song about an old man who went round at night lighting all the gas lamps. it said something like - 'He made the world a little brighter'. The Black Gaslight is not necessarily an unlit lamp, it just burns with a dark flame, or maybe the flame that burns has dark opportunities. That does not mean they are bad opportunities, or mean any harm in anyw...
February 25, 2007 by Black Gaslight
Dave is my new best mate. Hes my new business partner too -in psychic aspirations. Dave you see is psychic. Dave and I really connect psychically, we're on the Astral Plane like rabbits. We have so much potential together that Dave who is already a company director and is a bit minted has suggested we work together psychically.
Really I want Dave to marry me, but since Dave only fancies black women and I'm white, I have a bit of a problem. But then again hes a mate and maybe hes not really...
February 12, 2007 by Black Gaslight
Yes so there are 8 minutes of dark before the sunlight gets here. Thats enough time for the arc light of the gaslight to get here.
lamp lighters used to walk around lighting gaslamps at dusk. Certainly there are some good examples of gaslights still around.
The black gaslight is about thinking for ones self. It is not Good. It is not bad. it is just there. it is An alternative. It is not frightening recourse. But it is another resource.
There is nothing wrong with having alternative i...